Born in Naples, has made his first approach to dance at the age of 10 in a suburban private school.
In the school season of 1991 he started training at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples under the coordination of Anna Razzi. In the school season of 1997 he moved to the National Ballet School of Cuba after he graduated as a dancer and teacher.
In 1997 he took part in the international competition of ballet Habana (Cuba) and won the silver medal. In the same year he won the silver medal at the International Ballet Competition Vignale Danza (Italy). A year later, in 1998, he took part once more in the International Ballet Competition Habana (Cuba), where he won the silver medal in his category and the prize for the best couple in the competition.
In 2001 he participated in the Premio Roma contest, where he received the silver medal and the prize for the best Italian dancer of the competition. Two years later, in 2003, he participated in the same competition getting the bronze medal in his category.
In 2008 participated in the Rudolf Nureyev Competition in Budapest, where he became a finalist and received a special jury prize.
National ballet of Cuba, The European Ballet of London, as a principal dancer;
Classical Ballet Company Reggio Emilia as a principal dancer;
Opera in Budapest as a solist;
Prague National Ballet as a solist;
First guest soloist in Introdans Netherlands;
National ballet of Cuba, “Laura Alonso” as first dancer.
He has danced in more than one hundred theaters around the world, has participated in many shows in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and in Santo Domingo in 2000 at the Mongolia Festival in Ulan Bata.
In 2008 – invited to perform at the Budapest Opera’s gala Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev in the competition.
August 2010 – participated at the gala “Thank you Rudy” at the Versiliana, Milano, dancing along with Alen Bottani, Lisa Cullum, Joel Carreno, Yolanda Correa and many others;
August 2010 – received recognition for his career at Loano Dance Festival, Italy;
October 2010 – guest at the ballet gala ”Glory of ballet II” in Erfurt Germany;
November 2010 – guest at the Dance Talent Gala in Venice;
March 2011 – guest at the Gala “Thank you Rudy“ Milan;
May 2010 – a guest at the Gran Ballet Gala in the city of Rome;
July 2011 – participates at the Stars Gala in the Spoleto Festival under the coordination of Alberto Testa and Alessandra Ferri;
September 2011 – danced at the International Ballet Festival of Miami, USA;
December 2011 – invited at the “GRAND GALA OF DANCE CITY OF SALERNO” at Teatro Verdi;
January 2012 – invited at the “Ballet Gala City of Turin”;
March 2012 – invited at the Closing of Ballet Gala of the international ballet competition city of Spoleto 2012;
April 2012 – invited, as a first dancer, at the TENERIFE BALLET for “Tchaikovsky Passion” in the role of Prince Nutcracker and in the pas de deux of the third act of Sleeping Beauty;
June 2012 – danced Basil in Don Quixote at the Opera of Rome, for gala performances;
August 2012 – invited to perform at “GALA DI STELLE” in Ascoli, Rome, Cremona, under the coordination of Raffaele Paganini and Carla Fracci;
August 25th, 2012 – invited to dance at “2nd GALA DE DANZA BRASIL” in Poulina and on the 1st of September he received the GRAND PRIX OF TALENT at the International festival of Loano, Italy;
November 2012 – invited at Bucharest Opera House as guest dancer in full ballet impersonating Basil in Don Quixote;
April 2013 – danced Basil in Don Quixote at State Opera Ruse, Bulgaria;
April 2013 – along with the National Ballet of Sofia was invited in Dubai to dance Basil in Don Quixote and Albrech in Giselle;
May 2013 – principal guest in Skopje, with National Opera of Macedonia to dance Basil in Don Quixote;
June 2013 – invited to dance at the 10th ANNIVERSARY OF “DANCE BENEFIT GALA” ARDT FOUNDATION in Holland, Amsterdam;
July 2013 – invited to dance in the closing of the BALLET GALA of the Bucharest International Competition 2013;
July 2013 – invited like a guest teacher for workshop and to dance at LEVANTE DANZA FESTIVAL 2013 Italia;
July 2013 – invited to dance at VALENCIA INTERNACIONAL BALLET GALA 2013, SPAIN;
August 2013 – received, from CARLA FRACCI, the carrier award at “PREMIO CAPRI INTERNATIONAL 2013”;
September 2013 – received the carrier award of Montecatini City during the “PASSI DI TALENTO”Festival, Montecatini 2013;
October 2013 – invited at the Slovenian National Ballet Gala 2013, Maribor;
November 2013 – danced at the Russian ballet festival, in Saratov, the full ballet “Don Quixote” at Saratov Opera House in the role of Basil and at the International ballet gala “RISING STARS” in Parma Teatro Regio;
December 2013 – performed at SALIERI DANCE FESTIVAL 2013, LEGNAGO VERONA;
January 2014 – invited in Milan for the international ballet gala “STARS OF BALLET” with many principal dancers of the important ballet companies worldwide.
March 2014 – performed in Russia at the prestigious ballet gala “WORD BALLET STAR Perm 2014”;
May 2014 – performed at Prague State Opera during the “Miroslav Kura Ballet Gala” and afterwards, he was invited here, once more, to perform in the World Ballet Stars contest, that took place in the same year.
June 2014 – performed at “SEGOVIA DANCE FESTIVAL 2014“ Spain, gala performances along with the principal dancers of Cuba National Ballet;
July 2014 – performed at JESOLO DANCE FESTIVAL 2014, dancing a pas de deux “OBLIVION” tango from Astor Piazzola music, choreography by Eriberto Verardi;
July 22nd – 23rd, 2014 – invited at ballet gala ”THE GREAT PAS DE DEUX” with principal performers of “La Scala” Milan and Opera of Rome;
August 3rd, 2014 – invited at the opening gala of “PIRAN DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014” in Slovenia where he also attends as a guest lecturer at DANCS SEMINAR PIRAN and two weeks later, on August 16th, he performed during the closing gala of the festival, the pas de deux ”ROMANCE”, choreographed by John Blikendaal;
August 25th, 2014- invited at the Prague State Opera at the annual “Summer Ballet Stars Gala” under the coordination of Jana Kurova;
November 2014 – invited as a principal dancer at Opera Ballet Theater in Saratov, Russia to perform a full Nutcracker performance;
November – December 2014 – invited by RAFFAELE PAGANINI in person, as a guest Etoile with the national ballet in Italy, to perform in more than 30 cities around Italy for THE NUTCRACKER, full ballet performance;
December 2014 – participated at the Ballet Gala ”World Ballet Stars in Saratov” Russia with “Le Corsaire”and “Arlecchinade” PDD.
Vittorio Galloro is currently an international principal guest dancer in many State Operas around Europe such as: Rome, Napoli, Opera Bucharest, Opera Perm, Opera Sofia, Opera Macedonia, Opera Maribor, Opera Ljubljana, Saratov Opera Theater, Russia.